Physical Education

Physical Education is an integral part of life at St Michael’s Infant School. Children are naturally full of energy and we aim to take this and develop it to give them a life-long love of being physical and living a healthy lifestyle.

We believe that physical education is more than just a few hours a week of taught lessons. Being physical and healthy impacts on many areas of the academic curriculum and on school life in general. By developing good physical wellbeing, we find that our children are more focused for learning with increased stamina and resilience. It also has a positive impact on their mental and emotional health. We are an inclusive school and all children are given opportunities to participate at their own level in every physical activity.

The children are given many opportunities each day to be physical.

They have two playtimes a day where they have the space to run around and play actively with their friends. We also supplement this with a range of sports equipment such as skipping ropes, balls and rackets. The children also have access to our amazing outdoor play equipment which allows them to develop their balance, core strength and agility. Year R can continue this physical activity in their large outdoor area which contains play equipment, bikes and space to run around.

Each class also participates in the Daily Run, where the children try to complete as many laps of the playground in a set time. This has greatly increased physical stamina which has been transferred to increased mental stamina in the classroom. This academic year we have set ourselves the challenge of running the distance from Aldershot to Tokyo in time for the 2020 Olympic Games.

We have introduced yoga sessions into the week, as an alternative way to keep healthy. This is helping to develop core muscle strength and also giving the children a sense of calmness and relaxation in their fast-paced lives.

Through our sports coach MSport Active, we offer after school football and multi sports clubs.

Taught PE

In addition to daily physical activity the children also have two taught sessions of PE per week, one taught by the class teacher and the other by our sports coach MSport Active. PE lessons are based around the three main areas of gymnastics, dance and games and allow the children to work individually and as part of a group. Planning in all three areas is tailored to the needs of our children and provides them with opportunities to develop their co-ordination, agility and balance and master simple movements such as running, jumping and skipping.

The highlight of the PE year is our Sports Day which we hold each summer. This gives the children the chance to showcase the skills and activities that they have learnt during the year to their families. This forms part of our Happy and Healthy Week, which is an exciting week full of visitors, healthy eating and lots of fun physical activities.

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