British Values

There are many ways in which we promote the British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs at St. Michael’s Infant School. As a multicultural and multifaith community, we prefer to use the term ‘celebration’ rather than ‘tolerance’ with respect to different faiths and beliefs.


How it is Promoted



Links to school Christian value of truthfulness

  • Class charters at the beginning of the school year
  • Elected school council, who take suggestion to their classes for discussion and report back
  • Good citizens – weekly voting in each KS1 class, celebrated in Monday assembly
  • Picture book award voting
  • Parents’ Forum
  • Pupil survey
  • Team games and working with others
  • PSHE Curriculum

Rule of Law


Links to school Christian values of truthfulness and forgiveness

  • School rules
  • Playground rules
  • Explanations about why rules are necessary
  • High expectations of behaviour
  • Visits from Fire Service (role of others in society)
  • Recognising the difference between right and wrong
  • Good and bad choices
  • Respecting the property of other children and the school
  • Understanding that our behaviours affect others, so rules are needed to protect people
  • PSHE curriculum

Individual Liberty


Links to school Christian values of truthfulness, forgiveness, perseverance and creativity

  • Golden rules
  • Name pegs (for behaviour)
  • Circle time discussions
  • Teaching children that everyone has rights
  • Begin to know about different groups that they belong to and the role of different people
  • Encouraging individuality
  • Developing awareness of their own needs
  • Begin to understand rights and responsibilities
  • Consideration of the consequences of their words and actions on others (good and bad choices)
  • E-safety

Mutual Respect and Celebration of those with different beliefs


Links to school Christian values of love and friendship

  • Answering the register in different languages
  • Celebrating different languages spoken by children and parents
  • World map showing languages spoken within the school and the location of homelands
  • Our RE syllabus ‘Living Difference III’ promotes celebration of different faiths
  • Participation in multicultural community activities, e.g. ‘Around the World in 40 minutes’
  • Celebration of and learning about different faiths (e.g. children talking about their Eid celebration)
  • Encouraging children to bring in cultural artefacts and clothes from home
  • Signs around school in other languages
  • Breakfasts from around the World (YR)

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