Our intent for our maths curriculum is that children enjoy what they are doing, that they have lots of opportunities to practise and discuss their mathematical skills in different ways so that they become fluent, and that they have a secure mathematical understanding so that they leave our school as confident mathematicians. So that this happens we ensure that throughout the school there is a focus on learning maths using practical objects, then pictorial recording before teaching children symbolic recording. This ensures that children really understand what they are doing and why, rather than just being able to follow a mathematical process. We encourage children to explain how they arrived at a specific answer, and compare different ways of calculating to decide which is the most effective. This ‘mathematical reasoning’ is a significant part of the maths curriculum and enables us to find out whether children really understand what they are doing and why.  

We don't use a specific maths 'scheme'. Teachers are skilled in researching the most effective way to teach various aspects of maths. In Summer 2019 the percentage of our Y2 children attaining the expected standard or above was greater than the national average. The percentage achieving the greater depth standard was also greater than the national average.

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