At St Michael’s Infant School, we know that it is fundamentally important for us to instil in the children a love and understanding of music. We feel that nurturing children’s enjoyment of music from an early age will benefit them throughout their whole lives. This love of music could result in the children choosing to learn instruments as they get older or simply turning to pre-recorded music as an outlet for feelings and emotions.

Through our teaching, and the teaching of those from Hampshire Music Service, we aim to help the children explore the different elements of music - from dynamics to tempo. We also help the children to explore the different features of playing music - such as creating their own piece of music based on a stimulus or performing to an audience of adults.

As a part of their learning the children listen to and explore music from a range of cultures and backgrounds. We ensure that we don’t just focus on the well-known classics! As a whole school we listen to different types of music from all over the world every day as we are entering and exiting Collective Worship. It is always a pleasure to watch the children quietly responding to this music in their own way – be that nodding their heads to the beat or pretending their knees are bongos!

Throughout their time at St Michael’s Infant the children are encouraged to take an active part in our music lessons and contribute to our discussions. Whilst every topic, from early years to key stage 1, varies, we ensure that there is a clear progression of the musical skills, with each new topic building upon what the children have already learnt.

That said, at the heart of our music planning and teaching is our own enjoyment of watching the children explore and experiment for themselves.

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