Here at St. Michael’s Infant School we believe that history stimulates children’s interest, understanding and curiosity about the lives of people who lived in the past and how the past has influenced the present. History also develops the skills of researching and evaluating evidence, the knowledge of past events (particularly in our local area), civilisations and personalities and the concepts of chronology. History gives us all the chance to question, investigate, explore and develop our understanding of the past. Learning about Britain’s and the wider world’s past can influence pupil’s attitudes to the present and the future.

 In Year R, children bring in ‘All about me boxes’ to share who they are and show what they have experienced at home and in the holidays. We look at nursery rhymes and use artefacts to discuss how objects used in the past are different to objects we use now. We also look at how we have changed since we were a baby, ‘how we have grown’.

In year 1, we discuss the historical event, the Gunpowder plot and explore toys from the past and present. We compare aspects of life in different periods, looking particularly at significant individuals such as Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II, Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong.

In year 2, we learn about Mary Anning and fossils, learning about significant individuals from the past and their contribution. We explore and learn about events beyond living memory, The Great Fire of London. We also learn about Samuel Cody and how he has contributed to our past in the local area.  

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