An introduction to Year 2

Year Two is an exciting time for children at St Michael’s Infant School. They are encouraged to develop greater independence in their learning, reflect upon their own progress and apply their blossoming skills through interesting, cross-curricular topics.  We regularly take children's learning out into the school grounds or link it to a real-life experience, such as a trip to Wisley Gardens or a visit from the Fire Service.

Each day your Year Two child will have at least an hour of mathematics.  This is taught using a structured approach which moves from real life resources (the 'concrete') to drawings and diagrams (the 'pictorial') and finally to written methods (the 'abstract').  This makes sure that children develop a deep understanding of the number system and the calculation strategies they are learning.  You will notice that the Year Two maths homework is based around mental maths.  This is because regular practice in this area supports children's ability to solve problems more quickly and check whether their answers are reasonable.

Literacy activities also take place daily.  These include: structured spelling sessions, handwriting lessons and guided reading.  Additionally, there are extended literacy lessons three times a week which focus on comprehension, grammar or writing skills.  Reading for pleasure is something we encourage through our daily story times, inviting book corners and visits to the library.  Please make sure your child's library book is returned each Wednesday so they are able to choose a new one.  

Reading with your child at home is still the most important thing you can do to support your child's learning at school.  As the reading books become longer and more complex, a good strategy is to listen to your child read just a few pages and allow time for talking about the book and discussing any unfamiliar words.  Once your child is on purple level books, they can use their reading journal to help them think carefully about what they have read as well.

On Thursday mornings, each class has a music lesson with a specialist teacher from Hampshire Music Service and a PE lesson with Mr Sanders from MSport Active.  The children relish these opportunities to be creative and active.  Our other PE days are as follows:  Pink Class and Violet Class - Mondays and Turquoise Class - Fridays.  Please make sure earrings are removed, long hair is tied back and PE kits are in school on these days.

Thank you for your support.