How the Governing Body operates

The whole governing body meets every half term during the school year to discuss, approve and monitor a range of issues. Governors are responsible for ensuring that the school’s statutory responsibilities are met in various aspects of school life, including the curriculum, finance, staffing and health and safety.  This is achieved more effectively by dividing responsibility between two committees: Children & Learning and Resources & Premises. These committees meet every half term to review the school’s performance in detail.  Each governor is a member of one of these committees, although the Chair of Governors and Headteacher attend meetings for both committees.  

Minutes of governing body meetings are public information. Most recent minutes are displayed outside the school office, or specific minutes are available on request.

Attendance at governing body meetings 2017/2018

Governors' attendance for the 2017/18 academic year was as follows: 

Josie Abbott

10 possible meetings, 2 absences

80% attendance

David Antley

10 possible meetings, no absences

100% attendance

Samantha Lasserre

10 possible meetings, 3 absences

70% attendance

Annette Floyd

10 possible meetings, 1 absence

90 % attendance

Katrina Gibson

1 possible meetings, 0 absences

100% attendance

Claire Marsh

10 possible meetings, 1 absence

90% attendance

Tipu Miah

10 possible meetings, 1 absences

90% attendance

Victoria Rogers

14 possible meetings, 4 absences

71% attendance

Neil Scudder

10 possible meetings, 1 absence

90% attendance

Liz Mathias

14 possible meetings, no absences

100% attendance

Anne Varney

10 possible meetings, 1 absence

90 % attendance

Kevin Davies 8 possible meetings, no absences 100% attendance
Alwyn Pereira 2 possible meetings, no absences 100% attendance

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