We have compiled a presentation for you which explains how we will support your child's transition into school and what the curriculum will include in Year R.  It will take about 45 minutes to watch all the way through but it should give you a good overview of what to expect.  Please click below to view the presentation:


Throughout Year R, alongside our planned curriculum, we are constantly supporting children to develop the 'characteristics of effective learning'.  These include skills such as 'investigating', 'keeping on trying' and 'making links between ideas'.  They are a bit like learning superpowers!  If children are good learners, they are able to learn any aspect of the curriculum much more easily, not just in Year R, but throughout the rest of their learning lives.




At St. Michael's Infant School, we believe that children learn best through play.  Children will have plenty of 'Explore Time' each day to follow their interests and access exciting resources both indoors and outside.  During this child-initiated play, the teachers will play alongside children to help develop their language and social skills and to promote the characteristics of effective learning.  We will also be observing the new learning which we see the children bringing into their play to help us plan for each child's next steps. 





During adult-directed time, we still place learning in playful contexts so that children are naturally engaged and keen to have a go. In these pictures, children are applying their phonics to read instructions for creating a junk model bus and learning to compare lengths by rolling and measuring playdough snakes.









Our learning is structured around high quality books and supplemented by rich experiences (including lots of cooking, experiencing nature, scientific experimentation, visitors, visits and artistic opportunities) because we know that these are key to increasing a child's vocabulary, and in turn their future life chances.  



At the end of Year R, your child will be assessed against the Early Learning Goals.  This assessment is based on our knowledge of what each child can do in the different areas of learning, and is not a test of any kind.  The Early Learning Goals have been revised for September 2021.  You can find a link to an article about them below:

New Early Learning Goals


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