PE and Sport Grant

For the school year 2015-16 we are in receipt of £8890.

After evaluating our PE and Sport provision we identified that there was room for improvement in our teaching of gymnastics, particularly in relation to knowing how to assess their skills in gymnastics and plan for next steps in learning for individuals and groups.

We have paid for a gymnastics specialist to work alongside all teachers to help improve the quality of lessons.

Teachers are now more confident in assessing children's needs, outstanding gymnastics lessons have been observed and children are more enthusiastic about gymnastics.  A focus on developing children's core stability has improved motor skills, particularly in boys, and the gap between boys' and girls' attainment is narrowing.

The PE specialist is now working with our PE manager to plan for the future, and our next focus will be to improve the quality of games teaching within the school.

Some of the funding has been spent on apparatus to teach games, particularly outside games.