We have a Parent Teacher Association known as FoSM (Friends of St. Michael's) of which all parents are automatically members. FoSM's aim is to raise funds to provide children with additional resources to make school life as interesting and exciting as possible. 

FoSM run a variety of fund-raising events through the school year, such as an Art Gallery Evening in November for the exhibition and sale of children's art work, a Penalty Shoot-out in the Spring Term and an after school Summer Event. Rainbow stalls for the sale of cakes are run after school, and there are also ice cream stalls in the warmer weather. FoSM also organise fun activities for children, such as discos for Years 1 and 2, and a Teddy Bears' picnic for YR, an Easter Egg Hunt and an Easter craft competition for all children, and a variety of Christmas activities.

The current committee members are:

Chair - Victoria Gear

Vice Chair - Michelle Enticknap

Secretary - Vacant

Treasurer - Antonia Woodman

All parents (and younger children) are welcome at FoSM meetings which are publicised on the website and in Message Monday. If you would like to contact the FoSM committee their email address is admin@f-o-s-m.co.uk, or you can drop a note into the FoSM post box just inside the main door to the school on the left. They also have a Facebook page The Foz.

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