14 May 2021

We have been having a lovely first summer term so far. The children started our 'sharks' topic at the beginning of this week, and it is fair to say that they are extremely engaged and are thoroughly enjoying learning all about sharks. 

Linking to our shark topic, we have been learning about the five oceans of the world in geography. We took a trip to all five oceans on Google Earth and it was a very enjoyable experience which provoked lots of curious questioning. 

Our unit for PSHE this term is relationships. It has been truly heart-warming to hear all of the children's lovely comments and thoughts about their families and friends and the special relationships they have. We have also been talking about 'love' in both our year group assemblies with Mrs Mathias, and in our own class assemblies. Hopefully this has inspired some children to carry out a few nice gestures at home!

In R.E., we are beginning to learn about water being precious. This will lead us into Hinduism and why water is precious to Hindus.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be creating non-fiction fact pages for sharks. This activity is loved by both children and teachers alike!

30 April 2021

It has been wonderful to see all of the children back in school in what seem like slightly more ‘normal’ circumstances! The children have settled back in well and are very much enjoying being back in school. It is a pleasure to see them engaged in their learning and playing with their friends again at playtime.

We have had a busy few weeks so far this half term! We have planned, and are currently writing, our own edited version of a story, in which the children have really enjoyed coming up with their own characters and being creative in changing some elements of the story to suit their character. In line with our ‘Under the Sea’ topic, the children have also been studying the artist Henri Matisse and have made their own geometric and original shape sea washes, which they thoroughly enjoyed! We have also been learning about pitch, tempo and dynamics in music. We are currently enjoying a piece of classical music called ‘aquarium’ by Camille Saint-Saëns (which some children recognised from Harry Potter!), where we are listening out for those different elements listed above. The children have had the opportunity to play musical instruments in order to play an appropriate piece of music which matches the movement and character of an underwater creature. In dance, we have been thinking about the story of the Rainbow Fish, and how we can manipulate our movements in order to become different animals.

Over the next few weeks, we will begin learning all about sharks, which the children particularly like and get very excited about! We will be writing a non-fiction fact page on sharks after having learned lots and lots of new and exciting facts. We will also be doing some geography where the children will learn about the five oceans.


19 March 2021

Welcome back! It is lovely to have all of the children in school again and they are enjoying playing, talking, laughing and working with their friends.

We have been working hard to learn and retell the story of The Three Little Pigs in order to make up and write our own version of the story.

Our next Science investigation is to find out which materials will make the best roof for the pigs house and as part of the Art curriculum, we will be using charcoal pencils to sketch the wolf, adding texture and detail. 

We have been thinking about place value in Maths, learning what the digits in each number represent.  


6 November 2020

Its been lovely to welcome everyone back after half term, the children have been very settled and ready to learn.

We have been thinking about fireworks this week, watching video clips to help us think about the sounds we can hear, the colours we can see, where we see fireworks and how they make us feel. We have used these ideas to write firework poems and drawn pictures to illustrate our poems, using chalks and coloured pencils. 

In our maths lessons we have been thinking about subtraction and learnt that when we take away, the numbers get smaller. We have  recorded our work by drawing number stories and practised jumping back along a number line to find the answer to a subtraction sum.

The children have designed and made Christmas cards, which you can order to buy, as part of the FOSM fundraising activities. Please look out for them in your child's book bag in the coming weeks. Here is a sneak preview...

FOSM Christmas Cards

2nd October 2020

What a busy two weeks we have had!

We have been reading 'Oi Frog' by Kes Gray this week, listening out for the rhyming words in the text. As all the animals are sitting on something, we have also introduced prepositions such as in, on, under, next to, behind, in front of and practised saying our own sentences about where else the animals could be sitting! We will continue to use Oi Frog as our main text next week and write the sentences we have practised saying this week. 


We have been thinking about addition in maths, adding two numbers together to find the total and recording our findings as a sum eg: 5+4=9

We had a very exciting letter arrive in our classes...from Steve the Stick Insect! He wants to come and visit the children in school but needs juicy leaves to eat and wants to make friends with the bugs in our school grounds. We had fun exploring 3 different places in the school grounds to compare the bugs and leaves we found there. The children were very excited to find woodlice, ants, worms, a stag beetle larva and a very furry caterpillar! We will revisit our chosen spots during the course of the year to see if the amount of bugs and leaves we find changes with the seasons. 

Homework will be coming out every Monday (one week will have a maths focus and the following will have a literacy focus.) Please encourage your child to take their time completing this, using a writing pencil. The number formation card that we are sending alongside the homework this week, can be kept at home for future reference.



19th September 2020

It has been lovely to welcome your children back into school and we have enjoyed seeing them build on friendships made in Year R. We are very pleased with how quickly they have settled back into the school routines. 

We have spent this week, and will be spending next week, reading and enjoying 'Shark in the Park' by Nick Sharratt. The children have had some great ideas about what they think they would see in the park and we will be using these ideas to write simple sentences next week.

We have been reminding ourselves of numbers to 10 then 20, counting in sequence and thinking about what is one more than a given number. Next week we will be thinking about one less.

We became nature detectives, finding and naming trees in the school grounds and will be using these trees during the course of the year to see how they change with the seasons.

Thank you to those of you who have been reading at home, please don't forget to hand your child's reading book and diary (in the zippy wallet) to their class teacher in the mornings if you want to change it.



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