Superheroes/Moving On

Term 1 - The Rainforest

This term, the children are learning all about rainforests. They will be learning about the different plants that grow there, the different layers of the rainforest and the animals that inhabit it. In order to further support the childrens' learning in this area, we will be visiting Wisley Gardens to explore their tropical Glasshouse and some of the exotic plants that grow there.
In English, the children will be developing their sentence skills, including learning how to improve their writing with the use of adjectives and the connectives 'and' and 'but.' We will be using our topic theme as a stimulus for independent writing.
In Science, the children will be learning about living and non-living things. They will learn what a living thing needs in order to survive and think about the habitats of different animals.
Children will be developing their sketching and painting skills in Art to create rainforest paintings inspired by the artist Henri Rousseau. 
Our Maths focus for this term will be on place value and applying this to support the childrens' addition skills. We will be revising numer bonds to 10 and also learning those to 20 so that the children have a quick recall of these and can use them to support their calculation skills. 


As this is such a long half term, the children will be completing some mini-topics as well as our main topic of Superheroes.  We will spend lots of time thinking about 'Moving On' to junior school, allowing children to talk about their hopes and worries and easing the transition for them.  The children who will be attending St Michael's Junior School will also have several opportunities to visit their new school.  

In science, we will be learning about the importance of exercise for a healthy lifestyle and about how materials can be changed and designed to suit purposes.  Can we find the perfect material for a superhero suit?  

Our art learning will focus on comic art and we will create comic strip stories and layered books, which should be great fun.

The focus in maths will be on revision of all the key concepts we have covered this year and extending our range of strategies for 'crossing ten' when we add or subtract (such as when solving 56 + 27 or 34 - 26).