Topic Overview

Summer Term 2017: Amazing Adventures and Animal Magic

The next term will see us exploring the world!  During the first half term the children will learn about the five oceans of the world and have the opportunity to investigate many different types of sea food when Billingsgate Seafood School visit us. They will learn which oceans the fish can be found in and the experience will help them learn about the parts of a fish.

We will be learning an 'Underwater Adventure' story, which the children will adapt to create their own version.  Literacy will also include information writing about sharks as well as creating a class underwater poetry book.

After half term the topic is Animal Magic and the children will visit Birdworld in Farnham where they will try to find the Year R class birds.  Studying the birds to find out what it is like where they live will link to discovering the seven continents and hot and cold areas of the world. There will be comparisons between different types of creatures such as birds, reptiles and mammals.  



Spring (2) Term 2017: I'll Huff and I'll Puff

We have lots of learning packed into this very short term!  In literacy, the children will learn The Three Little Pigs.  They will use many different methods to help remember it and learn about the characters, including actions, drawing story maps and 'hot seating' the wolf to find out how he felt!  Our music will also follow the theme of the three singing pigs and we hope the children share the songs with you at home!

In Science the children will be exploring materials, describing their properties and deciding which would be good choices to build houses out of.

We will be preparing for the Easter celebrations by studying New Life at the end of the term, including a walk to the Brickfields Country Park to look for signs of new spring life.  This will be combined with geography and the children creating digital maps of our route.




Spring Term 2017: Long, Long Ago

Our Long, Long Ago topic starts with learning the story of Rapunzel, kidnapped and locked in a tall, tower before being rescued by the Prince.  Later the children will plan and write a new ending to the story 'Rapunzel's Rescue'.

The children will become Geography Detectives, using computer programmes and postcodes to help find castles in each of the capital cities and to learn about the countries of the United Kingdom.   We will also investigate the features of castles and use this information to write an information sheet about them.


In Design and Technology the children will learn all the steps needed to make a castle before finally constructing their own cardboard castle complete with drawbridge and tower.

In History we will being thinking about real people who lived in castles and comparing our current Queen Elizabeth II with Queen Elizabeth I who lived in the 16th century.


We hope it will be a fun-filled and exciting term for the children.

Autumn Term 2016: Rusty Robot

Welcome back!  What a busy and exciting term we have ahead of us.


We begin with a week of firework related activities.  The children will watch displays and then they will explore words that describe what they have seen and heard as well as how the fireworks made them feel.  They will create colourful adjective word banks and use these for support when they write a fireworks poem.  

The children will learn about the origins of Bonfire Night through the story of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot.  We will discuss the Firework Code to help everyone keep safe around fireworks.

We will also celebrate Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, during the first week back.  The children will make celebratory sweets which they can share and enjoy at home.

Rusty Robot

Unfortunately, Mrs Mathias has lost her favourite toy!  Rusty Robot must be somewhere and the children will be using map reading skills to search the school to help find him.  Later in the term, the children will use their Design and Technology skills to design, make and evaluate a robot of their own.  There are lots of robot-related activities to look forward to!

Christmas plays

Christmas will be upon us before we know it and of course the children will take part in the Navitity play.  There are lots of songs to learn, so please encourage your children when they practise at home!  Details of costume requirements will be sent out nearer the time.