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Wednesday 25th March 2020

Here are the links to Mr Sander's online PE lessons:





Maths Ideas

A fun way to practise your number bonds / small number addition

  • Find some containers (lunch boxes, saucepans, mixing bowls...) - maybe 6 or 7.
  • Label the containers choosing different numbers between 0 - 10 (maybe keep numbers under 6 to start with).
  • Now you need 2 quite small soft toys or similar.
  • Stand behind a line and see if you can throw your toy so it lands in a container.
  • When you have 2 toys in containers, add up your score.
  • Challenge yourself with bigger numbers. Play against a family member. Who wins each round?

Change the game to a cumulative score. Play against someone else. Take turns to have one throw each and add your score to your total, each turn.

Practise your subtraction! Play against someone else. Start with a high score, say 30. Take turns to throw the toy. Take away your score each time from your total. First to zero is the winner!


Have fun!


Keep checking back - lots of links to useful websites and some lovely art ideas to follow soon!


Monday 23rd March 2020

We hope your first day of home learning went well. If you have any queries about the information we have sent home, please contact us and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.


If you haven't already seen it through social media, check out Mr Sanders' PE workout on instagram, twitter or facebook: msportactive / @msportactive or www.msportactive.co.uk


Please keep checking back here for further links and information about how to help your child at home while they are away from school.


20th March 2020

Please find below, links to some of the documents that we have sent home for your child for the closure period. You should already have these in the pack, but you may find it easier to have online access to these, especially the Links document, which will enable you to click the links rather than having to type in web addresses.

We will continue to keep this page updated with activities, suggestions and useful websites, so keep checking back.







20th February 2020

It was lovely to see so many of you at the Learning Celebration to mark the end of our Castles' topic. We are sure you will agree that the children have worked very hard and produced a wide range of fantastic work to show all that they've learnt.

In Science, we have begun to investigate materials and their properties. In Art, we have looked at the work of Paul Klee and used a range of media to try to create our own castle art inspired by his "Castles in the Air" piece. In Geography, we have explored the countries that make up the United Kingdom, found out about their flags and capital cities, and discovered castles that can be found in each of those cities. Having learnt in History about castles and their features, the children have written information pages to impart their new knowledge. Inspired by the story of Rapunzel, they have also innovated and written their own ending for that traditional tale. In History, the children have also been learning about their current Queen and comparing her life and times with those of the first Queen Elizabeth. In Art, we developed our sketching skills by drawing a portrait of Elizabeth II and in computing, we used simple programming software to draw castle pictures. The children were all very proud of the beautiful castles they created in Design Technology, with their walls, towers and moving drawbridges, and we know that many of them have been enjoying playing with them at home.


December 2019

The children have worked very hard this term initially on their robot topic and later exploring all things Christmas. 

The children have written about robots, designed robots with moving parts that they then made in Design Technology, created robots on the computer and drawn robots in Art, inspired by a visit from a visiting artist.

Visiting Local Artist

The children were also very busy with their nativity plays this half term. In art, they enjoyed creating nativity characters from bottles using paper and paste techniques, then painting and clothing with crepe paper.

25th October 2019

The children have really enjoyed our Rosie's Walk, Harvest and Autumn topic this half term.

The children have written some super sentences about our walk to Brickfields.

Brickfields Autumn 2019

Our walk outside, enjoying the autumn scenery, also inspired the children to make some fantastic sculptures in the style of artist Andy Goldsworthy.

Andy Goldsworthy Sculpture 2019

Earlier in the term, the children had lots of fun making and eating their own bread rolls.

Breadmaking 2019


20th September 2019

We are really impressed with how well the children have settled into Year 1 and it is lovely to see how enthusiastic they are about their learning. 

We very much enjoyed finding out all about their summer holidays and sharing the holiday boxes that they brought to school. Thank you for all your support in helping the children put these together.


We have started our new topic this week. The children have been enjoying the story of Rosie's Walk. In literacy, we have thought of lots of adjectives to describe the fox and Rosie the hen. In geography, we made class maps to show all the physical and man-made features on Rosie's farm. We also made mini puppets of Rosie and the fox and used them to explore positional language and prepositions. Some of the children have been collaging large pictures of the main characters in art. Next week, we will be finding out what happens when Rosie takes a walk around our school grounds.


All children have now been given 2 reading books to take home each day. Please could you hear your children read as often as possible as this regular practice helps the children to make good progress. The school's minimum expectation is that children read to an adult at home at least three times a week but even more regular reading is ideal. Many thanks for your support with this.


Children are now having regular PE lessons. All Year 1 children have outdoor PE on a Friday. Moles and Rabbits have indoor PE on Tuesdays and Hedgehogs on a Wednesday. Please ensure that your child has the correct PE kit in school and that any ear-rings are removed or covered on PE days. Thank you.



All Year 1 children can use the library on a Friday afternoon. This is supported by a volunteer. All children have now borrowed a book. In order to borrow another, they need to return their library book to class by Friday morning and they will then be supported to borrow another during that afternoon.






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