Birdworld 2019

1st June 2019

Exploring Fish

The children thoroughly enjoyed handling some fish from the fishmonger. Everyone was fascinated by their gills, some even exploring inside the gills. We felt the teeth of some of the fish and scales of others. There was a variety of fish to explore including prawns (complete with legs and heads), herring, rainbow trout and even some razor clams.

Exploring Fish

During the last week of this half term, we found out more about our own bodies which included exploring our senses. We had a lot of fun identifying smells and guessing what they were. Our food tasting session was especially interesting with some children discovering a love of grapefruit while exploring its bitter taste, and others discovering they weren't so keen on the sour taste of lemon!

Our Sense of Taste


10th May 2019

Our "Under the Sea" topic is coming to an end and our final piece of work will be to create information pages about sharks. As well as using their writing skills, the children will also be able to showcase all that they have learnt about sharks, demonstrating some of their science knowledge about fish and their body parts and their geography knowledge about oceans . They will also be using their computing skills to draw pictures of fish and demonstrating what they have learnt in reading lessons by adding labels, captions, bullet points and a heading.


Earlier in the term, everyone wrote beautiful poems entitled "Under the Sea" and the children have just completed some amazing Biff, Chip and Kipper stories where the magic key took them to an underwater world, where there were problems to be solved!

Today, we will be exploring fish from a fish market, enabling the children to actually feel the scales and look inside a gill!


During the last week of this term, our focus will be science. We will be comparing what we know about the parts of fish with the human body. We will then investigate our senses with some practical explorations culminating in a detailed look at our sense of taste - discovering the difference between salt, sweet, bitter and sour.

Our RE topic will also be coming to an end. We have been discussing the preciousness of water and are now moving on to the importance of water to the Hindu religion.


22nd March 2019

The children are thoroughly enjoying our current topic "I'll Huff and I'll Puff". They have amazed us with their sketching skills and you will have seen their fabulous charcoal sketches of "The Wolf" on display in the classrooms, when you met with your child's class teacher. We also hope that you enjoyed reading their fantastic "The Three Little..." stories. They have demonstrated super story writing skills and have made some wonderful progress with their writing in general, since the start of the year.

All 3 classes enjoyed a lovely walk to Brickfields on Wednesday. We looked out for signs of spring and new life.  We saw lots of daffodils and other spring flowers, as well as blossom and buds on the trees. We recreated some of these in art and will be continuing to think about new life next week as the "living eggs" arrive, and we watch the progress of them as they hatch. The children will all have a chance to handle the chicks before they go off to their new home. 

Next week, we will be using our geography skills to create a map of Brickfields. In science, we will be investigating materials suitable as a roof for the the Three Little Pigs. 

Earlier this half term. we enjoyed a trip to the Lookout, near Bracknell. We explored all of the science exhibits inside as well as building dens for small animals  and climbing all over the great play equipment outside. The children were very well behaved and we all had a super day!

The Lookout 2019

14th December 2018

It was lovely to see so many of you at the Christmas plays this week. The children looked wonderful in their costumes. Thank you for all your support in providing these.

Christmas Play 2018

30th November 2018

The children loved making their robots and were rightly proud of how they looked and their moving parts. Here are a selection below.

Our Robots


16th November 2018

Last week we were lucky enough to be visited by local artist Doug Nash who showed the children how to draw robots. The children were really excited and inspired by his work and went on to draw some amazing robot sketches, using the techniques Doug had showed us.

Doug Nash's Robot Art


Year 1 Robot Art Work


Doug's session also helped the children with their designs for DT. The children have continued to use the techniques when drawing their designs of robots with moving parts, that they will be making next week. Photos to follow!


2nd November 2018

We had a very busy first half term in Year 1 and the children are already making lots of great progress. It was lovely to meet parents properly this week at the parent teacher meetings and to be able to share the children's work with you. Please see below for details of all that we have covered in the first half of the Autumn term.

This week we have been learning about fireworks. We have found out why we mark "bonfire night" and considered what vocabulary would be good to describe how they look and sound. The children have created some wonderful firework poems.


Next week we will begin a topic on robots. The children will have the opportunity to demonstrate a range of creative skills designing, creating robots as well as describing them in their writing.


Later in the term we will be carrying out a design technology project which will require every child to use a plastic bottle. We would be grateful if everyone could bring in a plastic bottle sometime during the next couple of weeks. In the past we have found that a 500ml or 1 litre bottle works best. Many thanks.



Last half term we had lots of fun making bread. We hope you all got to sample the bread roll that the children made and brought home. They were very good at then writing their own instructions for how to make it.

We had a very enjoyable walk to Brickfields. The weather was mostly kind to us and all three classes enjoyed looking at the signs of autumn and spotting the ducks. We were also lucky enough to see some amazing funghi, holly and mistletoe. The children wrote about their walk, using adjectives to describe what they had seen and heard.

In maths, we have been learning about addition and the children now know how to add 2 numbers, create a number story to match their equations and show their equations in different ways, including through use of part-part-whole models.

Earlier in the Autumn term the children worked really hard to write their own sentences to describe part of Rosie’s Walk around school, trying to remember to use full stops, capital letters and finger spaces when they write.  We hope you enjoyed their retelling of Rosie's Walk, along with all their harvest songs and art work, at the harvest assembly to parents.


Handing in Letters, Library Books, Homework, Changing Home Reading Books...

If your child has anything to hand in or books to change, please could you ensure that they have it in their hand when they come through the door. Unfortunately, in Year 1, it is not possible for staff to regularly go through children’s bookbags and we are finding that some children are forgetting they have things to hand in, despite reminders through the day. 

We’d be very grateful for your help with this.


Reading at Home

Just a reminder - children can change their books as often as they like. Sometimes, you may like to hear your child read the same book a few times, to help with their fluency, or they may read through confidently, just once. Please record in your child’s diary that they have completed their book – staff normally check this before a book is changed. Please try to hear your child read at least 3 times a week. Thank you for your support with this.


Children should have 2 home reading books in their bookbag. Please could you hear your child read at least 3 times a week and sign the left page of the reading diary. When your child has completed a book, they can change it at school, provided their diary shows that they have read it to an adult. If possible, please can your child come through the classroom door in the morning holding their diary and the book they need to change. This helps to avoid children forgetting they have a book to change. Thank you for your support with this.

Homework goes home each Monday for return by the following Monday. We greatly appreciate your support in encouraging children to complete this. The homework is designed to reinforce and practise learning in school. We usually alternate between handwriting/spelling and maths.

All of Year 1 have PE on a Friday. Rabbits and Moles have indoor PE on Tuesdays and Hedgehogs on a Wednesday. Please could you make sure all kit is named and always in school and that earrings are removed before school on PE days. Thank you.

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