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Dear Parents,

We hope that you are managing to keep healthy and safe in these uncertain times. We will be using  our website and Tapestry to share ideas with you and we would love for you to share pictures or messages of the activities you are doing at home with your children. We are always looking for ideas  to help develop and consolidate your children's learning and have compiled a list below of things you might choose to do with your children.


Maths activities -

Ordering numbers 1-20 - Write the numbers onto cards/paper (adults to help), shuffle the cards and support your child in ordering them correctly. If you get a bit stuck, try counting up from 1 to remind you of what comes next.

Counting an amount - Using the 1-20 cards, pick a card and count out the correct amount of an object. Pencils, pasta, beads etc work really well for this and you must count as you place the item so you count 1:1.

Practising number formation - There are some great online resources, such as to help show you where to start and stop when writing numbers. There are lots of different ways you can make this exciting for example, in shaving foam using your finger to write, paints, chalks on the ground or simply pens and paper.

Creating treasure hunts at home using positional language such as 'on, in, under, next to, between, in front of, behind, around, through' to help give clues to find special items is a fun way to develop language as well as carefully listening to instructions.


Phonics and reading activities -

We recently shared with you on Tapestry that the government has just published a list of approved apps for children under five. (If you look up ‘Hungry Little Minds’ you will find the full list.) One of them is called ‘Teach your monster to read’. It’s always good to have new, fun ways to practise those important reading skills and as your child moves through the levels the difficulty will progress to challenge your little ones.

The letter cards included in your blue home learning book can be used to make words with or if your child is seeking a challenge, perhaps they can start to write simple sentences with one in. For example, the word 'sun' can be made from the letters. Your child could think of a simple sentence to write such as, 'I can see the sun'.

Phonicsplay is a website we use at school.  It’s now free for parents to use.  We are currently working through phase 3 phonics.  You will be able to tell from the home learning journal which letter sounds we’ve learnt so far (up to ‘oo’) and most games have an option to select which sounds or words you’d like to practise.  The login details you need are: username: march20

password: home.

Please enjoy exploring the free eBooks collection, developed for children aged 3–11 years old. It is there to help your child learn to read, and love to read, with a range of over 100 free eBooks.

The author Oliver Jeffers is reading one of his books each day online.  You can find the videos here: 

Making your own cosy reading den to relax in together and share a story together might be something your choose to do. If you have any fairy lights from Christmas, this might make it an extra special space to snuggle up with a book.


Fine and gross motor activities

Playdough -

Please find above the recipe for making your own playdough at home. It helps to build up and develop very important hand and finger muscles. This gives your child the ability to skillfully use their hands and fingers which is used while writing, eating, playing with toys, dressing etc. Rolling even thickness playdough sausages using the palms of their hands, pinching the sausages using their tripod grip (index, middle finger and thumb), rolling small balls between the tripod fingers are just some of the actions that will strengthen their muscles.

For those children who like to use Lego to construct for a purpose, adapt and refine their designs there is a calendar of daily challenges such as building a rocket for NASA and Prince Charming needing help to build him and Cinderella a castle to live in.

 ‘The body coach’ Joe Wicks is offering virtual PE lessons at 9am each weekday on his YouTube channel so that may be worth looking at to help your children to stay active and burn some energy! 

Mr Sanders, our PE teacher has been busy creating an activity  for you and your children to complete and use at home to help you stay active. The materials you need have been added to tapestry.  Mr Sanders is going to post regular videos to help everyone stay active at home, so please do look up MSportActive on Facebook or Instagram if you’re able to do so.


We will keep in touch whilst we are closed (to most children) from Monday via the website and tapestry so please check regularly for any updates.  This is a sad time for us and we will miss your lovely children greatly.  Please take care everyone and keep safe.

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