An introduction to Year R

Year R is the final year of the Early Years Foundation Stage, which is the statutory framework for children from birth to five years. This means that children will continue their learning journey from home, nursery or pre-school into Year R and continue to learn through play, with a balance of activities freely chosen by the child and focused learning opportunities led by an adult. A carefully planned transition programme is in place to enable children to settle into school quickly and easily.

Year R is run as a unit, so children from all three classes are able to interact with each other and access different areas of learning (both indoors and outdoors) during their self-directed play. This helps build children’s confidence and independence. To help children feel secure at school, they each belong to a keyworker group of fifteen which is led by a familiar adult. For part of each day, children will be involved in learning opportunities as part of their keyworker group.

This year we are fortunate enough to have one PE lesson a week taught by our Sports Specialist Mr Matt Sanders.  All the children from Yr R will be having their PE lesson with Mr Sanders on a Wednesday.  The children will also have another PE lesson in the week on the following day; Tuesday - Ducks and Toucans, Friday - Parrots and Penguins, Thursday - Owls and Flamingoes.  Children need to have a PE kit in school at all times.  We will send it home each holiday for a wash.  Please ensure any earrings are taped over on your child's PE days and long hair is tied back.  The children will have PE inside and outside so they will need shorts and T shirt as well as warm jogging trousers and a jumper.  Trainers are always better than plimsolls too!  

The children will visit the school library every Thursday to borrow a book of their choice for a week.  They need to return their library book to the designated box in their classroom by Friday each week in order to borrow a new one.  The library books are an excellent way for you to enjoy story time with your child at home.  Children being read to is just as important as them reading their school book to you so please find a quiet few minutes each day for this.  It will really help your child's learning.

Please feel free to talk to your child's class teacher whenever you are concerned about something.  After school is always better than before the school day as this is such a busy time.