St Michael's Infant School News R reading meeting<p>For those parents who couldn&#39;t make the Year R reading meeting on the 17th October&nbsp;2017&nbsp;a link to the powepoint presentation can be found here&nbsp;<a href="/files/Powerpoints/Reading_in_the_Early_Years_2017.ppt" target="_blank">/files/Powerpoints/Reading_in_the_Early_Years_2017.ppt</a></p> <p>This can also be found under &#39;Children&#39; = &#39;Reception&#39; then scroll down to the bottom in &#39;News&#39;</p>, 27 Sep 2016 11:57:03 GMTY1 & Y2 Multi Sports is now fully booked<p>Unfortunately any applications that we receive from now on will have to be returned with a covering note.</p> <p>If you have missed out this time around please dont worry,&nbsp;Multi Sports and Football Club will return next term.</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>, 05 Jan 2016 15:08:41 GMTParents' evening booking system<p>Parent teacher meetings&nbsp;for all classes except for Moles class&nbsp;will take place after school on Monday 13th and Wednesday 15<sup>th</sup> November. Parents of children in Moles class will have their meetings on Monday 13th and Thursday 16th November.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>As usual, we&nbsp;will be using the online booking system. <strong>Bookings on the system will open at 12.00 midday on Monday 30th October</strong>.</p> <p>Parents will need to log on to <a href=""></a> (on the website, not through the app) to book using the unique log on for their child. Parents in Year 1 and Year 2 were advised of these log on details last year, although the school office is able to reprint these letters for anyone who would like to be reminded of the details.</p> <p>Parents of children&nbsp; in Reception Year, or who have joined us in other year groups this term, have now received&nbsp;details of the online log&ndash;on for their child. Once on the website, parents should select the &ldquo;Parents&rsquo; Evening&rdquo; tab in order to book, amend and cancel appointments online.&nbsp;</p> <p>All sessions will have <strong>a deadline for booking and amending appointments of&nbsp;12.00 midday on Friday&nbsp;10&nbsp;Novembe</strong>r. Please ensure that you log in to book your appointment in good time, as after the deadline has passed it won&rsquo;t be possible to book or make any changes online. However, cancelled bookings can be advised to the school office who will inform the teacher.</p> <p>Please speak to&nbsp;the school office <strong>before the deadline for bookings</strong> if you have any difficulties in signing in to the system.</p> <p style="margin-left:28.3463pt;">&middot;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>, 17 Oct 2016 11:09:29 GMTAttendance Award<p>The attendance award for the two school weeks&nbsp;to 6th October&nbsp;2017 has been won by Hedgehogs&nbsp;class. Well done to them.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>, 20 Nov 2015 12:17:36 GMTAldershot Active Award<p>The Aldershot Active Award scheme was launched back in July to encourage children to be more active outside school hours. The scheme has three stages bronze, silver and gold. The children all start on bronze and then once they have achieved that award they will continue on to silver and gold. Here is how to get involved.</p> <p>Your child has already received the record card for the bronze award. When your child has done an activity, they can bring evidence into school to have their card stamped or signed. This can be a picture of them doing the activity, a receipt or some organisations will have their own stamp to stamp the card. Once your child has completed the card, they will receive a bronze sew-on badge which can be sewn onto their school uniform or P.E kit. They will also receive the record card for the silver award.</p> <p>Ideas for activities can be found on the cards.</p>, 13 Jul 2017 09:17:19 GMT