13th October 2017

A fun day was had by all at our trip to Wisley on Thursday 12th October.

The children enjoyed learning about all of the different plants that grow in the rainforest and even getting to pot a plant of their own! Thank you to all of the parents who helped out on the day; your support is greatly appreciated. 


10th October 2017

This week, we have been rereading the story of The Great Paper Caper, by Oliver Jeffers. The children have used drama techniques to act out the story in order to help them imagine the thoughts of the different characters. They have used this to help develop their sentences by trying to include the past tense 'ed' word endings and the connectives 'and' or 'but.' The children have thought very carefully about our learning from last week too and have tried to challenge themselves to include adjectives in their writing also!

In Maths, we have been working very hard on our addition skills. The children have spent time using the practical equipment to gain a deeper understanding of place value. We have been applying this knowledge to adding on a number line this week. We are continuing to learn and practise our key number facts, such as knowing all of the number bonds to 10 and 20 and adding on in 10s from any 2-digit number. Where possible, please help your child to practise these at home also.

Homework will continue to be sent home on Fridays each week, alternating between Maths and English based activities. Please also try to hear your child read at least 3 times a week at home. Once they have finished their book and their diary has been signed by an adult at home, they will be able to change it at school. Thank you for all of your help and support with this already.

We have been practising our Harvest assembly, ready for next Wednesday, and are looking forward to seeing lots of you there!














In English we will be starting our long awaited Superhero topic, discussing our favourite superhero character. We wil be reading Traction Man and other comic style books.

In our maths lessons we wil be focussing on subtraction and the different strategies that we can use to help us. The children are required to be able to subtract mentally so please continue to focus on this at home. Quickfire subtraction questions are a great way to do this. 

We will also be focusing on positional and directional langauge.


We have all been enjoying our geography topic Sensational Safari, where we have been learning about Kenya and the people and animals that live there. We will end this topic by comparing an area of Kenya to Aldershot and thinking about similarities and differences. 


Over the past few weeks in Science, we have been investigating exercise.  To finish this topic we will be having a Healthy Week from Monday 10th July. During the week we will be looking at healthy eating and thinking about ways that we can keep healthy. As part of this we wil be visiting Manor Park.  Please look out for the letter regarding this.