Autumn Colour

Our new topic is 'Autumn colour' in response to the changing world around us.  We will be taking the children on Autumn walks and giving them the opportunity to observe and use their senses to explore some of the natural materials found at this time of year.  We shall respond to our experiences through painting, collage and playdough.  We will also be learning new songs about Autumn, including counting songs.  

In Maths, we will be focusing on children's key concepts around number, so that they are able to match numerals to quantities, count objects with one-to-one correspondence (saying one number name for each item) and find one more and one less than a group of objects.  We will be teaching the children to play simple maths games in groups so they can access these independently for counting and addition practice.

In Literacy sessions, we will be sharing the story 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?' and learning to retell it in clearly spoken sentences.  We shall soon be bringing reading books home to share with you.  In Phonics, we have been listening hard to the sounds at the in words and finding pairs of words which rhyme or have the same sound at the beginning.  We will be continuing to work on these skills alongside learning letter sounds and developing the skills to blend them together to 'sound out' simple words. 


Welcome to Early Years!

Our first topic is going to be 'Setting Sail'.  We shall be exploring lots of seaside themed natural materials, creative challenges and opportunities for small world play.  We hope that this exciting topic will encourage children to use all their senses to explore the new school environment, talk about their previous experiences with others and try some new things for the first time. 


As the children are 'setting sail' into school life themselves, we will also be giving a great deal of time to learning the school routines, getting to know each other and making new friends, so that the children feel truly comfortable here and are ready to learn.


Our 'all about me' boxes will help us to talk about our families, interests, likes and dislikes.