Autumn is here!


October 2017

Following the Year R reading meeting on the 17th October a link to the powerpoint presentation can be found here /files/Powerpoints/Reading_in_the_Early_Years_2017.ppt




This week we have taken each class on an Autumn walk around the school grounds to explore the changing environment.  The children have loved using their senses to explore found materials and learning new vocabulary to describe natural objects.

We have also spent time working on our cutting skills, learning how to use scissors safely and effectively to help us make sequencing books, masks and puppets using the characters from our story 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?'  


We have been learning how to play simple games in a group, which help develop our social and our mathematical skills.  Spotty Dogs is one of our favourites.  Try playing games at home to suport these skills, such as dominoes, matching pairs or simple track games.  Orchard Toys are a really good manufacturer to look out for, but many other brands offer fun counting games too.  

Next week, the children will begin bringing home reading books to share with you.  For more information about how to support your child with reading at home, please come along to the meeting on Tuesday 17th October at 6.30 p.m.  Look out for a letter coming home with more details about this.


September 2017


We are so pleased with how well all the children have settled into school life.  It is lovely to see new friendships blossoming already.  So far, we have been learning about the seaside, sharing books such as 'Tip tap went the crab', 'Sharing a Shell' and 'Shark in the Dark' and singing songs such as '1,2,3,4,5...Once I caught a fish alive' and 'The waves in the sea go up and down' (to the tune of 'The wheels on the bus').  The children have been exploring rockpool life and ocean rescue through small world play and investigating natural materials such as shells.  They have all helped to create items for our 'Seaside' display which is going up very soon! 



Next week, we are going to begin our 'phonics' sessions, where children learn about sounds in words to help them with reading and writing.  To begin with, we focus on pre-reading skills, such as developing an awareness of rhyme.  This is so important to help children make links between words when they are reading and spelling later on.  At home, you could try sharing rhyming books (Julia Donaldson and Nick Sharratt are good authors) or playing around with nursery rhymes.  Try leaving a missing word for your child to guess or changing the words (e.g. 'Humpty Dumpty sat in a tree, Humpty Dumpty saw a....bee'). 



Please make sure all your child's items of clothing are named as we are unable to tell which things belong to them if this is not done.  We are beginning P.E. lessons on Wednesday this week, so the children will soon need a named t-shirt and shorts in a P.E. bag for this. 


Thank you for your support.


The Early Years Team